Xilinx FPGAs

Material for Xilinx-7 Series and Beyond

We should start with the ol’ Arty Board, the project board with an Artix7-35T at it’s heart. I bought mine in 2015 for $99. They were such a success that they are still being sold and the price went up to about $130 or $140 bucks. Digilent, in conjunction with Xilinx, released a new Arty-A7 which is the dame board with an Artix7-100T as the FPGA.

i have a few projects made for this board and will be posting the process from beginning to end. (when I find some time)

All things considered, the Arty board is a great bang for your buck, but it is a mere toy when compared to the AC701 Evaluation Kit.

I’ll be posting a project with a Maxim MAX11905EVKIT FMC daughter card. It requires an SPI in the Vivado project and should be interesting when I try some scaled up DSP algorithms for guitar effects developed on the Arty board.

Top view of the MAX11905EVKIT

…and the bottom view with the FMC connector.