Xilinx Project: Arty

The Xilinx Arty Board

The Artix-7 App Board

a good project for this arty board would be to make a nice interface board.  I got a few things together to make cables to the headers and got a nice 24-bit 96 KHz dual channel serial D-to-A converter.  this is a proper HQ audio D-to-A converter So let’s start there.  The Cirrus 4334k SOIC-8.  We’ll also need to build cables from the IDC headers.  I bought 10 on eBay :

10Pcs 2.54mm 2×6 Pin 12 Pin Male Header IDC Ribbon Cable Transition Connector  $3.79 w free shipping.

I have plenty of ribbon cable, so when the parts get here in 13 months or however long it takes to ship from China.  I’d do Digikey, but you have to spend like 100’s of $$$ to get free shipping.  Last time I got suckered into buying an Altera Max-10 app board for $50 bucks, but I can’t program it without the $300 cable!  It’s worthless. Strike 1 Intel, you’re already making Altera suck.

Getting started

so I have the D2A with my proto-board and IDC row pin header, so I’ll solder it to the board and then write some VHDL code to interface to this thing.

Mounted and Soldered
Choose JA to save diff I/O
Strategize connection to female IDC-12 on board

J2 on the Arty board is the only way to get to the 5V reg.  We will need this to supply the D2A as it needs a 5V source but drives 3.3V, so we’re good w the series 200res.